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Math Success for STEM Majors: Active Learning Strategies and Engineering Contexts

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The Math Success for STEM Majors (2010–16) project (NSF STEP) was designed to increase the number of STEM graduates at Tennessee Technological University by pursuing six main strategies based in education research.1 The two strategies relevant for this paper were: (1) incorporating active learning in the redesign of precalculus courses2,3 and (2) integrating the STEM disciplines through context-driven mathematics applications within an “introduction to university life” course for entering STEM freshmen.4 This paper describes the active learning strategies/modules that were designed and implemented by interdisciplinary teams of engineers, educators, mathematicians, and physics researchers in these redesign efforts. The strategies/modules have proven effective at motivating and retaining STEM majors at TTU and are transferable to other courses/institutions. Engineering educators can adapt/modify these for use in their respective contexts/settings.


Holly Anthony    
Curriculum & Instruction
Tennessee Tech University
United States

Stephen Robinson    
Tennessee Tech University
United States

Wilson Christopher    
Mechanical Engineering
Tennessee Tech University
United States


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