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Structural Engineering Education by Incorporating Visual Understanding and Interactive Learning

Final Paper
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More than 90% of the Millennial students agreed to the questions, “I am a visual learner.” and “I like education with entertainments.”[1]
Hence, it is desirable to use visual effects in presentations
incorporated with interactive classroom activities. Adequately designed visual worksheets for
structural concepts may reduce the possible mismatches between the teaching and learning styles
by utilizing the synergetic relationship between visual and mathematic understanding for both
sensing and intuitive learners. The goal of this paper is to identify the modifications needed to
improve structures education to prepare engineering students for the complex real-world
problems that the engineering workforce of the future will be facing. In an attempt to address this
problem correctly, three visual engineering workbooks have been introduced and integrated with
class group work in three structures courses. This paper presents a first-hand experience with the
preparation, use, and assessment of the visual workbook projects.


Pyoyoon Hong    
School of Engineering
University of Guam
U.S. Outlying Islands


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