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A holistic workshop on flipped classes

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When you complete this workshop, you will: 1) be prepared to teach an engineering course in flipped manner using evidence-based best practices 2) know simple but effective technological tools to flip the classroom 3) be aware of the lessons learned by others in teaching a flipped classroom.
With computers being affordable, smart phones becoming ubiquitous, and internet available at low cost, flipped classrooms are becoming more popular as a pedagogy in STEM classes. Flipped classrooms take the transmission of content from the classroom to home, and the assimilation of the content at home to the classroom.
In this interactive workshop, we will discuss the differences between traditional, blended and flipped classrooms, the tools and techniques used to teach a flipped classroom, the challenges and opportunities of teaching a flipped classroom, and the evidence or lack thereof of the effectiveness of flipped classrooms in higher education. The presenter has extensively taught blended, partially- and fully-flipped classes, and will also present the personal lessons learned in the process. Throughout the workshop, the audience will be engaged in developing an outline of how they would flip a classroom including student activities.


Autar Kaw    
Mechanical Engineering
University of South Florida
United States


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