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A Comparison of Civil Engineering Education at the University of Hail, Saudi Arabia and the University of Florida

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Civil engineering is one of the most important disciplines, which contribute to a sustainable planning, design, operation, and maintenance of world’s infrastructure. Recently, civil engineering education has improved significantly to keep up with the-state-of-art due to rapid technological advancement and market demand. The curriculum of civil engineering education is different from university to university depending on countries’ needs and market demand.
The primary objective of this paper is to compare civil engineering curriculum at the University of Florida and the University of Hail, Saudi Arabia. The curriculum includes a type of courses, credit hours, grading systems and graduation requirements. The purpose of the comparison is to learn from each other’s curriculum and perhaps modify their curriculum for future improvements, which is significant to the field. At both institutions, student’s admission to the university depends on a student’s specific test scores. Selection process is different at both institutions. Although there are some differences in Civil Engineering education, there are some similarities as well. Both institutions strive to enhance civil engineering education and to cultivate the knowledge and the skills required for their graduating students.


Abdulmajjid Alrashidy    
Civil and Coastal Engineering
University of Florida
United States

Fazil Najafi    
Civil and Coastal Engineering
University of Florida
United States


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