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Introducing an Industrial Robotics Course to Manufacturing Engineering Program at GSU

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Manufacturing in North America is experiencing a significant jump in “Bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.” Many products such as electronics components, mechanical parts are being manufactured in the U.S. again.1,3 Today, industrial robots are widely used in many manufacturing factories. They can help manufacturers become more competitive and efficient. The most obvious impact of industrial robots is that they eliminate many dirty, repetitive, and dangerous tasks with hazardous materials and in challenging environments. The Manufacturing Engineering Department at Georgia Southern University (GSU) has been involved in a continuous effort to introduce new industrial robotics and vision system courses in manufacturing engineering laboratory and curriculum. The purpose of Industrial Robotics course is to respond to the demand for Georgia regional industries and meet 21st Century Workforce needs. This course includes several new lab activities and projects to provide students hands-on experience. The selected industrial robotics topics are (1) pick-and-place, (2) stacking and sorting, (3) robotic palletizing, and (4) robotic machine tending. The manufacturing engineering curriculum developing also involves the integration of previous laboratory activities with new projects on existing and new equipment.


Guanghsu Chang    
Manufacturing Engineering
Georgia Southern University
United States


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