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Developing an Integrated Mathematics and Human Factors Engineering Curriculum for Middle School Students

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In this work-in-progress study, we
an integrated mathematics and human factors engineering
curriculum for middle school students. The curriculum will integrate mathematics and human
factors engineering topics to specifically increase young students’ awareness of math in
engineering applications as well as career opportunities. The curriculum will be grounded in
evidence-based teaching methods and pedagogy. It will first be developed and created in a
teachers’ workshop and then piloted in an informal environment, a weeklong summer camp for
middle school students. Then it will be offered as an ongoing after school activity. Finally, it will
be transitioned into a 4-week core module that is team taught by middle school math teachers.
This research will provide: (1) critical insights about the learning outcomes of middle school students who are exposed to an engineering curriculum in an informal environment and (2) an evaluated example of an engineering curriculum for middle school students.


Joi-Lynn Mondisa    
Industrial and Operations Engineering
University of Michigan
United States

Kenneth Chelst    
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Wayne State University
United States


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