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Continuous Improvement for a Unique Modeling and Simulation Engineering Program

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The modeling and simulation (M&S) engineering (M&SE) program at Old Dominion University satisfies the program criteria for general engineering in the ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) and also declares discipline-specific student outcomes that can be utilized as a template for future up-and-coming M&SE and similar computational science and engineering programs. M&S is a discipline focused on advancing and using the theories and practices of selecting appropriate modeling techniques, creating associated models, executing models dynamically over time, utilizing visualizations for verification and validation (V&V), and evaluating a range of possible solutions through analytical techniques. We have an educational curriculum that provides students with a well-rounded foundation that can be used either to advance M&S theories or apply such methodologies to virtually any domain. This paper describes our efforts to evaluate our program in attaining these goals through the process of continuous improvement of general engineering and discipline-specific outcomes.


Frederic McKenzie    
Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering
Old Dominion University
United States


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