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Update on Managing Engineering and Engineering Technology Summer Internships for Academic Credit

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Baccalaureate engineering and engineering technology programs typically require senior design projects which greatly aid in fulfilling ABET outcomes. An issue with some engineering and engineering technology programs is that they have too few faculty and an abundance of students working on senior design projects. This causes a large demand on the faculty to advise senior design project students throughout the academic year. To alleviate these demands on the faculty, summer internships can be offered for credit allowing the student to substitute their internship in the place of the senior design project. This would reduce the demands on faculty to advise senior design projects. In addition to alleviating the demands on the faculty, industrial work experience is very valuable and provides both the sponsoring company and the senior many benefits. Summer internships need to be managed properly to ensure consistency between the internship and the senior design. This paper will discuss how to manage the summer internships.
The summer internship course should be open to students who have completed required core courses within the major and who are between their junior and senior year of their baccalaureate engineering or engineering technology program.


Fredrick Nitterright    
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
United States


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