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Enhancing Learning using Gas Turbine Engine Simulation and Analysis

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In this research, two students that are enrolled in the Aircraft Propulsion class also take part in a research project. The project entails working on gas turbine engine simulator to gather engine performance metrics. The low by-pass ratio engine is designed for light general aviation business or private jet aircraft. Tests are performed at various flight conditions. Input parameters like outside temperature, altitude, velocity etc. are changed one variable at a time. Outputs like thrust, efficiency, fuel consumption etc. are measured for various flight conditions. Temperatures and pressures are also recorded at various stages of the engine. Temperature and pressure are used as inputs for physics based analytical engine cycle analyses. The metrics measured from test bench are then compared with the analytical analyses learned in the class. It was observed that the student showed more interest in the class, spent more time in the lab and overall performed better than their counter parts.


Adeel Khalid    
System and Industrial Engineering
Kennesaw State University
United States


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