ASEE Zone 2 Conference 2017

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WIP: Mobile STEM Learning Lab Initiative to Expand Engineering Education to Rural Counties

Final Paper
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The Work-in-Progress (WIP) paper discusses an engineering-focused Mobile STEM Learning
Lab initiative to expand STEM literacy to rural and underserved counties in northeastern North
Carolina. This initiative is important in developing the STEM educational foundation of and for
students from Northeastern North Carolina, the most economically distressed region in the State.
The project extends laboratory resources and learning activities to the school districts and rural
communities using Roadshow-in-a-Box model. This highly interactive format provides students
with hands-on inquiry-based activities and rich digital media content to develop awareness and
increase interest of STEM related subjects, especially engineering. The initiative, supported
through both federal and private partnerships, is expected to serve over 200 schools during the
course of three years. The project has potential to improve student exposure and interest in
STEM and create a pipeline of college-ready students from underrepresented and disadvantaged


Kuldeep Rawat    
Elizabeth City State University
United States


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