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Curriculum Evaluation of the Transportation Engineering Courses Using the Outcome-Base-Education Framework

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Each nation’s economic and social development depends on a good transportation system. To offer a continuous expansion to cover all social and economic needs its necessary to possess an accessible, efficient, cost effective and reliable transportation system. While simultaneously incorporate modern technological advances needed to make the system safer and more efficient. Furthermore, transportation is vital to the development and performance of the country’s mobility needs. As we get better, transportation systems will be more efficient in terms of energy consumption, pollution and commute time.
It is essential to meet all academic requirements faced by engineering students who enroll in transportation courses, so they can complete their studies while gaining the necessary knowledge for their professional development. Previous research done at the university established the technical requirements for a transportation engineer. Our university system is facing the need to prepare students and at the same time provide the right tools and knowledge for them to face current and future challenges in the transportation area. As well as search for the different cognitive strategies to enhance their education. Therefore, as part of these efforts and to meet all professional needs, this research study plans to develop a curricular sequence that allows students to obtain certification in transport.
As a result, we will revise and redesign the transportation curriculum, resulting in the creation of a certification in the area of transportation for undergraduate students. This will be achieved through the implementation of the Outcome-Based Education framework as proposed by Streveler; in which the course content, assessment and pedagogical techniques will be perfectly aligned. To be successful in this project, we will reference material available from publications and also from ITE official documentation (including from TRB Standing Committee on Education and Training). Thus, it is expected to improve students’ academic experiences.


Heriberto Pujols    
Civil Engineering
University of Puerto RIco ar Mayaguez
Puerto Rico

Aidsa Santiago    
Engineering Science and Materials
University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
Puerto Rico

Enrique Gonzalez    
Civil Engineering
University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
Puerto Rico


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