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Piezoelectric Template

According to the law of conservation of energy this can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed. As a result, the total amount of energy never changes. Kinetic energy is associated with bodies in motion and depends on mass and velocity. The discovery of the direct piezoelectric effect was in 1880 by the Curie brothers, they proved to be able to capture energy present in movements and more when pressure is applied on a polarized glass, and that the deformation causes an electric current. Based on these data the following problem was developed: Will the piezoelectric be able to transform kinetic energy caused by pressure when making movements into electric energy to recharge a portable battery of 2000mA? After evaluating the information on the topic, the following hypothesis was proposed: If the piezoelectric method is used, we will be able to transform kinetic energy present in electric energy, then it can be stored in a battery of 2000mA to be used for recharge mobile devices. The materials used are: piece of PVC, pair of sneakers, 14 piezoelectric cells, conductive cables, industrial glue, small welder, tin, diode bridge, voltmeter, battery, USB cable and connectors. The procedure begins by drawing a template on the PVC and cutting it, then tracing the 14 piezocells on the PVC and removing this area. Then make 6 horizontal lines and cut through each line, glue the piezocells in each place and weld them in parallel. Place a bridge of diodes and solder the cells to the AC entrance and the battery to the DC departures of the bridge with two connectors. In conclusion, piezoelectric insoles are not only an innovative method for energy transformation, it also helps to lower obesity and increase physical activity in people with a cost-effective and completely natural way.


Carlos Feliciano Morales    
Universidad de Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
Puerto Rico


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