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3D Rum

A 3D printer is a machine design to create any object, within the printer’s parameters and capabilities, that the designer desires for many applications. The printer uses thermal plastic filament’s that are heated to a certain temperature (depending on what type of material is used) and then cooled to room temperature. This is how each layer is created and by staking each layer on top of the other one the part or object comes to life. There are many type of filament like PLA, ABS and many more. The 3D printer is a very useful device that can create many things like a simple geometric shape up to a scale model airplane. Many people use 3D printers to create toys for children, home improvement parts and more, the limitation are endless. Although the 3D printing seems very new, it can be dated back to the 1980’s when some industries used it to create a fast and cost effective prototype for product development. But now because of new technologies and a more cost-effective manufacturing process 3D printing has occupied the lives of many inventors, fanatics, consumers and is used for education. This is because of the resourcefulness of the printer. 3D-RUM is a special group project that dedicated to investigate which are the full capacities and application of 3D-printing. The team has recently started to create a homemade 3D printer in which could have different uses. One of the team goal is to create a 3D printer that can be somewhat self-efficient by having parts that are created by its own. If done like this the printer life span would only depend on its mechanical and electronical part. 3D-RUM long term goal is the possible creation of printers that have the capability of printing a faster and more cost-effective prosthesis.


Raisamarie Robles Colon    
Ingenieria en Ciencias y Materiales
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus
Puerto Rico

Richard Rosario Santiago    
Ingenieria en Ciencias y Materiales
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez campus
Puerto Rico


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