ASEE Zone 2 Conference 2017

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Photovoltaic Testing: Low-Cost Smart Solar Simulator

The project was started based on the need, of various groups in the university, for a tool to perform indoor tests to photovoltaic systems, because of this the team decided to design and construct a solar simulator. A Solar simulator is an instrument used to imitate the spectrum and irradiation of the sunlight; usually used to test photovoltaic panels in a controlled environment. The goal of this research is to create a LED solar simulator. However, to exceed LED solar simulators already in the market, the device the team is aiming for will be cost-effective, transportable and accessible to educational entities with a limited budget for instrumentation or research. The research is interdisciplinary, combining students from mechanical, electrical and industrial engineering majors.


Francisco Matos    
Electrical Engineering
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus
Puerto Rico

Alejandro Aponte    
Mechanical Engineering
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez
Puerto Rico


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