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Presenting a more efficient approach to teach Materials Science

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Many students struggle with theory because they cannot always associate concepts from the text to the physical world. This is especially applicable in case of materials science that requires a review of many chemistry lessons and discusses phenomena occurring in a micro-scale world. Moreover, materials science laboratories do not always provide enough hands-on experience for students as not every school can afford a few sets of apparatus stations. The equipment is expensive and some processes are time and energy consuming. The materials science instructor at The Citadel took the more challenging approach in order to enhance student learning. The instructor held small weekly laboratory projects starting at the beginning of the semester that involved heat treatment and analysis of different steel microstructures. The previous course offering had only one project scheduled near the end of the semester. The paper will discuss the laboratory projects in detail and will include the assessment from the instructors and students. The course is offered in the fall to day and night students.


Monika Bubacz    
Mechanical Engineering
The Citadel

Luiz Dos Reis    
Mechanical Engineering
The Citadel
United States


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