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Overview of ABET Accredited Online Engineering/Engineering Technology Programs in the US

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The dramatic development of Information Technology (IT) has changed the world and our lives
in many ways since the 1990’s. One of the important aspects changed as a result of IT
technology is how education is conducted. Since the 1990’s, the education community has found
ways to incorporate IT as a tool to provide online degree programs. But online programs in
engineering and engineering technology fields are still few and far between in the US. The
authors review the current status of online degree programs in engineering and engineering
technology fields in the nation. As an accrediting agency for engineering and engineering
technology programs, ABET plays a vital role in maintaining the standards of the accredited
programs and making sure that they are continually improving themselves. The authors bring
ABET into this topic of online engineering and engineering technology programs by taking a
thorough review of the ABET accredited online engineering/engineering technology programs.
In this process, the authors explore the challenges faced by online programs in engineering and
engineering technology. Using the authors’ institution as an example, the difficulties, including
administrative and technical ones are explained.


United States

Antonio Soares    
United States


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