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Active Learning for Busy Skeptics

Active learning has consistently been shown to be more effective than traditional instruction for promoting learning, motivation and student retention in STEM programs. Despite this overwhelming research support, instructors have a number of significant concerns about adopting active learning techniques in their own classes. Common concerns include worries about preparation time, content coverage and student resistance to new teaching methods. This hands-on session is designed to introduce quick and simple active learning techniques that are effective, require little preparation or class time, and which generate little or no student resistance.

The workshop is relevant for all instructors, but especially those concerned with engaging and retaining students in STEM programs. The teaching practices discussed in the workshop have extensive research support and this research will be shared with participants as appropriate. But the focus of the workshop will be to provide several practical examples for how to translate the research on active learning to the engineering classroom. Instructors at all levels will be given time and coaching to develop active learning techniques that they can use in their own courses.

This workshop is part of ASEE's National Effective Teaching Institute, which has been offered to engineering audiences for over 20 years, with consistently positive reviews.


Michael Prince    
Bucknell University
United States


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