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New Video Tool for Demonstrations in Distance Education Statics

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Basic demonstrations can help students connect the concepts from class with their own understanding of how the world works. Previous research has focused on inexpensive demonstrations for Statics which have been well received by the students.1 But such demonstrations best serve the students in the first couple rows of an in-person delivery of Statics. Conventional video can show a demonstration but does not easily serve for teaching modeling the system.2 Lightboard technology which has been used at several universities for teaching physics and engineering is adapted here to show a Statics demonstration and teach the accompanying free-body diagram (FBD) and equilibrium modeling in the same short video.3,4 One demonstration from Statics was filmed including the lightboard to assess student learning and get feedback from the students. Student experience is being tracked for several groups of students: those who saw the demonstration in person, those who saw a synchronous video of the classroom through distance education using a polycom link, and those who saw an asynchronous video through distance education.


Anna Howard    
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
North Carolina State University
United States


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