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Teamwork Using an Authentic Product Development Environment

Final Paper
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The effectiveness of an authentic product development environment to enhance teamwork skills
of rising 9th
-12th grade students was studied as part of a 3-week summer program. Teams of
students were provided scenarios of ‘customer’ requirements. The teams translated customer
requirements into technical requirements, researched content and developed websites. Usability
studies were conducted including heat maps of the websites using eyetracking equipment to
provide feedback for closing the loop in the product development cycle. Student reactions to
teamwork were documented using survey instruments and interviews. Results indicate
participants recognized teamwork as an important element of real world work. The product
development environment simulated an authentic real world scenario and played a positive role
in emphasizing the need for teamwork.


M. Javed Khan    
Aerospace Science Engineering
Tuskegee University
United States

Marcia Rossi    
Alabama State University
United States

Fan Wu    
Computer Science
Tuskegee Universiity
United States

Christine Schnittka    
Curriculum and Teaching
Auburn University
United States


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