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Florida Pathways to Engineering Technology Careers

Final Paper
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This work in progress addresses how the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education Center of Excellence for manufacturing in Florida (FLATE) addresses Florida’s manufacturing sector re-shore, resurgent, and emergent technology requirements for preparing engineering technology professionals to support this vital economic sector. FLATE’s target objectives address the widening skills gap manufacturers face with respect to engineering technology related jobs. This paper outlines the strategies FLATE is using to integrate Florida’s education structure, to provide multiple pathways to various career levels within Engineering Technology. The paper outlines how high school, two year technical degree, and ABET accredited B.S Engineering Technology degree participate in an articulated pathway, The Florida Plan, to interesting and lucrative careers in manufacturing.


Marilyn Barger    
Florida Advanced Technological Education Center, FLATE
United States

Richard Gilbert    
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
University of South Florida
United States


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