ASEE Zone 2 Conference 2017

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Design of a Virtual Escape Room for K-12 Supplemental Coursework and Problem Solving Skill Development

Final Paper
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This paper describes the process of creating an educational and entertaining game for K-12
students based on the “escape room” concept. Escape room games require players to find objects
and use them in specific locations; the challenge is to vary the virtual problem solving system to
allow the game to be replayed and new material to be incorporated into the game. This
instructional escape room will require students to use skills and concepts learned from their
coursework to solve puzzles to advance within the game and provide a supplemental method for
reviewing material as well as improve their problem solving and logic skills. The authors are
working with senior computer science majors to design a modular and flexible game play system
and a separate development interface that allows teachers to add content specific to their class


Kimberlyn Gray    
Chemical Engineering
West Virginia University Institute of Technology
United States

Stephany Coffman-Wolph    
Computer Science and Information Systems
West Virginia University Institute of Technology
United States

Marcia Pool    
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
United States


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