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Developing ABET Confidence

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Nike tells you to “Just Do It”, BMW drivers have “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and ABET accredited programs can “Be Confident”. For prospective students and their parents, they can be confident that an ABET accredited program has sufficient faculty, and the necessary facilities and resources to provide a quality educational experience. For employers of graduates from ABET accredited programs, they are confident that their new hires will have the knowledge, skills and behaviors they desire for entry level employees. For ABET accredited program faculty, staff and administrators, they are confident that an efficient and effective process is in place to assess student education and continuously improve the program.
This workshop is specifically designed to provide a brief outline for those new to program assessment of how to be confident that their processes and procedures are efficient and effective. Participants will learn how to define their student outcomes so they can clearly articulate the skills and knowledge they expect students to attain as part of the program. Participants will also learn how and when to strategically collect data to optimize the assessment process. Finally, participants will learn different ways to “close the loop”.


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