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Developing Team-work Skills in a First-Year Seminar

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The First-year Seminar in Engineering at Gannon University is a two-credit course with nine course outcomes: five common to all seminars and four specific to engineering. ABET student learning outcome ā€œdā€, an ability to function on multidisciplinary teams, is one of the seven ABET student learning outcomes mapped to this course. A semester long, community based, design project serves as a framework for team activities; therefore, it serves as the platform for outcome ā€œdā€. This paper presents a brief overview of the seminar and the structure of the community-based engineering design project. The tools and strategies employed to foster team- work are discussed. Students use the zero-sum game tool to evaluate teamwork. The results of the team evaluation and the technical deliverables are discussed and correlated. Lessons learned on the effectiveness of the activities to develop team-work skills are presented.


Karinna Vernaza    
Mechanical Engineering
Gannon University
United States


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