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Expert Evaluation of a Sustainable Design Rubric

Final Paper
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Sustainable development poses a challenge for all engineers, regardless of discipline, to improve the design of infrastructure, products, and processes by balancing technical, environmental, social, and economic objectives. Prior work developed and applied a sustainable design rubric based on the Nine Principles of Sustainable Engineering to civil engineering student design projects. Subsequently, the rubric was updated based on insights from the pilot application phase and a subsequent systematic literature review. This paper presents preliminary expert evaluations of the cross-disciplinary sustainable design rubric. Paper and web-based forms were used to gather perspectives from engineering education professionals from the United States and abroad. Participants, with different disciplinary perspectives, ranked the importance of 34 criteria related to sustainable design. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of feedback will be used to validate and update the sustainable design rubric for use across various engineering disciplines.


Elise Barrella    
James Madison University
United States

Mary Katherine Watson    
Civil and Environmental Engineering
The Citadel
United States

Charles Cowan    
Experimental Psychology
James Madison University
United States


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