American Society of Engineering Education - North Central Section Spring Conference 2018

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A CFD study of air circulation in an air-conditioned room

As energy cost is becoming a challenge, efficient air conditioning started to be one of the effective tools of saving. Many parameters can be optimized to reach this goal such as the heating and refrigeration systems, wall insulation, window design, and air circulation. The focus of the current work is to explore the use of CFD to model air circulation and study the effect of air speed and exit angles on the heat transfer model. A generic room was developed with the following parameters: • An outside wall • A window • A set of ventilation inlet and exit diffusers • Generic heat load sources • Furniture representation The study was completed for both summer and winter conditions. Post-processing tools were used to track the heat transfer behavior and the flow structures in the room under several conditions. Full details of the method and the results will be presented in the full paper.

Wael Mokhtar
Grand valley State University
United States

Ratan Ghosh
Grand valley State University
United States


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