American Society of Engineering Education - North Central Section Spring Conference 2018

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Design Characteristics Optimization of Flexible-Automated Manufacturing System

Decision of how to change design characteristics of flexible-automated system in terms of production processes effective time is a sensitive decision for a manufacturer. The sensitivity is related to the system running stability and the decision needs to be as how best to expand will have a lasting impression, with the potential for huge gain or loss of the produced units. A real-world manufacturer in the automotive industry is capable to manufacturer of three products: P1, P2, and P3. The first two currently is produced on a BIW system working at maximum capacity. The company needs to expand its production and is looking for the best alternative that will support its growing needs and serve it well in the future. This research provides a decision making model for whether the design is best to increase the capacity of the current BIW line or build a second line to have dedicated production of P1 and P2. A discrete-base modeling approach has been used to create an optimizable model for the system to empirically apply the solutions. Rockwell ARENA 14.7 software and MINITAB 16 software are used to simulate the model, experiment, and gather results the two scenarios investigating capacity requirements for the most cost effective expansion.

Hayder Zghair
Kettering University
United States

Salem Elakrash
Lawrence Tech. University
United States

Ahad Ali
Lawrence Tech. University
United States


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