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Getting Ready for College: Experience of a Secondary Student in Engineering Research

Knowledge inspires curiosity. The pre-college summer scholars program is designed to provide research experience and knowledge to secondary school students on various engineering topics. After a system process of submitting an application, review, and interview by a committee, I was selected to take part in this research program during summer 2017. During this time, I worked in the exciting field of Internet of Things (IoT). When dealing with the IoT, I gained knowledge of microcontrollers, programming, sensors, actuators, cloud computing, and conducted several experiments. Further, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Python programming were among the most used keywords through the experiences in the program. The focus, however, was not just on the participants, but also on those who couldn’t participate in the program. Many participants contracted an infectious obsession with their work on various levels, and this was just due to the knowledge they had gained in the research program. The point of the program though was to have the participants exposed to the capabilities of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) field, and to advocate for a broader dissemination in secondary schools. Through this knowledge gained, which is to be discussed in the paper, the support of participants was earned and in hope will spread their knowledge as I am to inspire the needed curiosity in the STEM field.

Jaden Gavenda
Ashley Community Schools
United States

Kumar Yelamarthi
Central Michigan University
United States


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