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IoT Based Security System: Pre-College Research Program

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing network that exchanges data in a quick and feasible manner. This network creates opportunities for more efficient and direct connections between the real world and computer systems. The banking industry would highly benefit from the IoT as it devises a system in which information from security devices can be quickly sent to the bank manager and security officials. The IoT application increases the speed of communication between the bank and authorized officials. This paper explains how equipping a bank with security devices and technology that detects intruders can help the banking industry. When this system senses motion in secured areas of the bank, it sends a text message to alert the bank manager and security officials. Then, the camera will proceed to take pictures of the area every second until the motion stops. The camera can also take a video beginning when motion is sensed and ending when the motion stops. As the system is capable of taking both pictures and videos, the discretion will be left to the bank manager to determine if they would like their security system to take pictures or videos. The pictures or video will be sent to the manager and officers via email.

Salma Abdelgawad
Mt Pleasant High School
United States

Sarthik Balaji Kuruvadi
Central Michigan University
United States

Kumar Yelamarthi
Central Michigan University
United States


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