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IoT Security: SecurePack

This presentation will propose the creation of a new product named SecurePack, an IoT backpack with a focus on both physical and cyber security. This backpack will include features such as an IoT kit, a built-in camera, audio speakers, GPS tracking, Bluetooth/Wifi capabilities, LED lights for bikers, communication with other backpacks, and an iOS app that will be included with the product. SecurePack will strive to be as resilient to physical and cyber attacks as possible while still remaining cost efficient.

SecurePack’s intention is to protect the user from potential dangers most common in urban environments. The specific dangers the SecurePack will have in mind are the vehicular dangers in a city as well as dangers from potential attackers such as muggers. This backpack will have LEDs to warn nearby traffic of the user's presence by making the user more visible. The SecurePack will protect the user from a potential attacker by allowing the user to quickly shine a high lumen flashlight in the attacker’s eyes as to temporarily blind the attacker and audio speakers to alert anyone within earshot. It will also come with a built-in camera to record any dangerous situations happening in the vicinity, and Bluetooth/WiFi capabilities so that evidence may be stored and sent to trusted devices or to the authorities. Another feature the Secure Pack will include is a GPS tracking device so that the user may send their location to a trusted person in the event that they are in danger. For the user’s everyday convenience, the SecurePack will also have functionality that allows them to charge their devices with the backpack’s battery pack.

The purpose of these features is to protect the user from dangerous situations and if these measures fail, then the SecurePack will allow for the easy transfer of evidence and potentially life saving information like video evidence and GPS coordinates. One of the major goals of this project is to allow for the SecurePack to communicate with users’ phones and then allow for the phone to transfer the data over well-established cellular communication networks while the emergency mode of the SecurePack will be activated by a conveniently placed button. The user will also be able to activate the various features of the backpack at their convenience using their smartphone.

Collin Kemner
Security of Things (SoT)
United States

Travis Ellerbrock
Security of Things (SoT)
United States


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