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CFD Study of Aerodynamic Flow around a Generic Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Sports Utility Vehicle, commonly known as SUV is one of the most popular vehicles which dominates the global automobile market. Due to having a number of useful features like large passenger and goods carrying capacity, robust structure, better towing capacity, aesthetics etc., it is gaining attention from both automakers and customers. Starting from Willys Jeep Station Wagon (1946), SUVs have gone through versatile change in model to become more aerodynamic, aesthetic and to have modern features. This study focuses on the flow around a generic Sports Utility Vehicle which have been modeled based on the SUV models available in market. Although the model has been kept simple, it covers all the basic features of a modern Sports Utility Vehicle. For the CFD simulation, a mesh model consisting of polyhedral mesher, prism layer mesher and surface remesher, has been developed. The CFD study performed in this study, has used K- ɛ turbulence model with Renolds Average Navier Stokes (RANS) equations. This study gives a clear idea about the flow pattern around a generic SUV along with aerodynamic drag and lift values.

Wael Mokhtar
United States

Samira Jahan
United States


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