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Design of Questionnaire for the Study of Consumers’ Awareness and Behavior towards Electronic Waste (E-waste) Collection and Recycling

The rapid obsolescence of electrical and electronic equipment has produced the unstoppable electronic waste streams. This large waste stream, which contains many hazardous and toxic substances, has caused many negative effects on the environment and human health. Therefore, the sustainability mission to reduce the amount of e-waste has been gradually embraced by many countries, organizations, and companies. To successfully solve the e-waste recycling problem, it is necessary to understand the consumers’ behaviors toward e-waste recycling. There are many existing studies that focus on determining household consumers’ behaviors. Very few of them research the consumers’ behaviors in the colleges and universities level. This paper is to investigate the behavior of students, faculties, and staffs toward the e-waste recycling in the educational institutions. For this purpose, a large number of questionnaire surveys was spread out to explore the consumers’ characteristics of e-waste recycling behavior and preference of e-waste recycling pattern. The observations and analysis from the survey data will bring up the implications on the amount of e-waste that would be recycled, the locations of drop-off points/containers, and the number and shortest route of the e-waste collection vehicles on campus.

Quang Nguyen
Grand Valley State University
United States

Qi Huihui
Grand Valley State University
United States


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