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The Compleat Architect: Being a Primer on the Art of System Modeling

Document-Intensive Systems Engineering (DISE) is inadequate to the task of developing complicated and complex systems. Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) was created to address this gap. System modeling software continues to grow in power and capability but there is a shortage of individuals capable of using these tools to their fullest potential. This dearth of talent is slowing the transformation of systems engineering to a model-based discipline. A muddle of publications that obscure high-quality content compounds this problem. Every moment spent on a low-value paper or book robs practitioners of growth. This presentation will share a curated collection of heuristics, resources, and techniques aimed at maximizing the return on an individual's investment. Case studies, philosophy, and discussions from antiquity to today will be compiled into an integrated program for personal development. A particular emphasis will be placed on resources to help students and practitioners to understand the problem at hand, its context, and how to assess it in a systems context.

Michael Vinarcik
University of Detroit Mercy
United States


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