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Industry-Academia Collaboration Supporting EMC Education

This paper provides an overview of the projects and industry collaboration with students that are involved with the activities at the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Center. This facility provides high speed & EMC design, simulation and test services for industry as well as educational activities for undergraduate and graduate level students. The objective of the EMC Center is to provide a venue where industry and academia can interact for mutual benefit. Students are exposed to product technology and how to design and test electronics preparing them for careers in related fields. Industry gains access to a unique combination of expertise, technical services and an introduction to future engineers entering the job market. The EMC Center educational activities fall into several categories. Concepts and theory are taught in junior, senior and graduate level classes while laboratory measurements reinforce the practical applications. Laboratory measurements are made to quantify and document EMC principles. Senior design projects involve multi-disciplinary teams that create specific mechanical and electrical automation fixtures that complement the existing test capabilities. Examples include a radiated immunity test chamber, radiated emissions antenna positioner, a near-field emissions scanner and precision probe manipulators for characterizing high-speed interconnects. Graduate level projects involve the analysis of EMC design concepts by creating printed circuit boards for defining best design practices, teaching university classes and training seminars. The various boards focus on understanding how to address common EMC & high-speed design issues with meeting requirements. In addition to student projects, the EMC Center employs co-op students who are involved in running simulations, testing, lab maintenance and building new capabilities to serve industry and academia. Product development from various industries is supported at the EMC Center including medical, automotive, commercial, aerospace, defense and appliance. This variety exposes students to cutting edge technology and gives them an advantage when they graduate and seek employment. It also provides networking opportunities with staff from visiting industrial clients, preparing them for the next steps in their career.

Bogdan Adamczyk
Grand Valley State University
United States

Jim Teune
E3 Compliance LLC
United States

Scott Mee
E3 Compliance LLC
United States


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