2016 ASEE NCS Conference

March 18-19, 2016

Final Program

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Friday (March 18, 2016)



Room: UC 303 - Lake Michigan

Room: UC 307 – Lake Huron

Room: UC 123 - Mackinaw


Session 1

2:00 – 3:20 pm

Process to Draft Program Educational Objectives for Undergraduate Engineering Degree Programs

Ramakrishnan Sundaram     



Workshops Session 2

3:30 – 4:50 pm

E = mC2:Excite Interest in Electronics through Projects that Motivate the Learning of Concepts through Circuits

Ramakrishnan Sundaram

Learning Modules Focused on Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Engineering

Mansoor Nasir and Eric Meyer

Internet of Things Fundamentals

Kumar Yelamarthi, Ahmed Abdelgawad

5:00 – 6:30 pm

Welcome Reception (Room: UC Rotunda)

6:30 – 8:00 pm

ASEE NCS Board Meeting (Room: UC 303 Lake Michigan)




Saturday (March 19, 2016)

Faculty Papers


Room: UC 303 - Lake Michigan

Room: UC 307 – Lake Huron

7:30 – 8:30 am


Room: UC Rotunda

Session 1

8:30 – 10:10 am


Session Chair: M.M. Aziz Rahman


Creating AWESOME: Faculty vs. Student Views for an Organization

Stephany Coffman-Wolph and Kimberlyn Gray

Leveling the Playing Field Thorough Incorporating 3D Printing in Capstone Courses

Gregory Hickman and Michael Latcha

Using PLC Based HMI System to Teach Power System Analysis

M.M. Aziz Rahman

Engineering Departments Addressing the Issue of Communication

Craig Gunn, Tianyi He and Sheryl Suet Ying Chau

Methods to Improve Student Learning in Statics and Dynamics Courses

Pattabhi Sitaram

Session Chair: Philip Appiah-Kubi


Teaching Time Domain Reflectometry in EMC course

Subramaniam Ganesan and Andrew Rusek

Autonomous Robot Design and Build: Novel Hands-on Experience for Undergraduate Students

Ryan Aldridge, Timothy Brandt and Chirag Parikh

Enhancing Students Learning and Assessment through Positive Reinforcement

Philip Appiah-Kubi

A review of recent trends and challenges in 3D printing

Annamalai Pandian and Cameron Belavek

Engage and Educate: Engineering Laboratory Activities for First-Year Engineering Students

Ramakrishnan Sundaram

10:10 – 10:25 am

Refreshments break

Session 2

10:25 am – 12:00 pm

Session Chair: Pattabhi Sitaram


Electrical Safety and a Motors Course for Electrical Engineering Technologists

William Evans and Simon Zhu

Engineering Consulting and Development for Start-up and Small Firms in Capstone Courses

Gregory Hickman and Michael Latcha

Introducing Emerging Engineering Materials to Lower-Level Students

Fredrick Nitterright and Robert Michael

Creating Interest in Middle School Students toward STEM Careers – Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Pattabhi Sitaram, Tom Spendlove, Ellis Love and Anca Sala

Session Chair: Nicholas Baine


Teaching Real Time System Scheduling using low cost microprocessor board

Subramaniam Ganesan and Andrew Rusek

Simulation of Placement of Underwater Concrete - Partnership Between Ohio Dept of Transporation and University of Toledo

James Kamm

Incorporating Excel Data Solver in Undergraduate Engineering Curriculum

David Che

Teaching Communication Circuits Online Efficiently

Jamal Bari

University of Cincinnati UC Scholars Academy: Preparing students for STEM Undergraduate Careers

Whitney Gaskins

12:00 – 1:30 pm


Room: UC Rotunda

1:30 – 2:15 pm

Poster Presentation & Judgement

Room: UC Rotunda

Session 3

2:15 – 3:50 pm

Session Chair: Kathleen Ossman


Implementation of an Entrepreneurial Minded Learning Module Based on “Quantified Self” to Motivate Engineering Design in an Introductory Biomedical Engineering Course

Eric G. Meyer and Mansoor Nasir

Students’ Attitudes towards Learning in an Academic Environment

Roland Arter

Managing Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Senior Capstone Projects

Irvin Jones

Expanding Flipped Classroom Options to Accommodate Different Learning Styles

Kathleen Ossman and Gregory Bucks

Session Chair: Karinna Vernaza


Teaching Urban Water Problems: Curriculum Design to Assessment

Ramanitharan Kandiah and Krishnakumar Nedunuri

Design, fabrication and commercialization of a powered ramp for power wheelchairs

Nassif Rayess, Ray Okonski, Molly Laird, Evan Jeffries

and Austin Ross

Experimental study of energy efficiency of a hydraulic system

Alamgir Choudhury

A Simulated Approach to Designing a Filtered Hearing Aid for Autistic Children

Jamal Bari

3:50 – 4:05 pm

Refreshments break

Session 4

4:05 – 5:40 pm

Session Chair: Bilquis Ferdousi


Comparative Study of Students' Problem Based Learning Over Two Years through Semester Projects in Fluid Mechanics

Yogendra Panta

Designing a Filtered Hearing Aid for Autistic Children in a Senior Design Class

Jamal Bari

Taking experiential learning online in an acoustics elective course

Daniel Ludwigsen

Addressing Student Retention and Persistence Issue in Online Classes

Bilquis Ferdousi

Session Chair: Pattabhi Sitaram


Undergraduate Degree Programs in Data Science

Debatosh Debnath

Getting Middle-School Students Interested in STEM Careers – Optics and Computers

Ellis Love, Anca Sala, Pattabhi Sitaram and Tom


Active Learning Demonstrations in Engineering Mechanics

Mark Diller



Faculty One-Page Papers


Room: UC 309 – Lake St Clair

Session 1

8:30 – 10:10 am


Session Chair: Ziad Youssfi


Interleaved Practice for Engineering Concepts

John Martin and Anna Martin

Striking a balance between Low-Level Theory, High-Level System Design, and Typical Industrial Challenges

Ziad Youssfi

Professional Practice of Engineering: A Course that Addresses the Non-Technical Enablers of Successful Engineering Practice

Nassif Rayess and Linda Slowik

Development of Global Standard Agricultural and Food Engineering Curriculum Using ABET Criterion

Quamrul Mazumder, Vasudha Kilaru and

Mohammad Burhan Uddin

10:10 – 10:25 am

Refreshments break

Session 2

10:25 am – 12:00 pm

Session Chair: Craig Gunn


I Ain’t No English Teacher!

Craig Gunn and Tianyi He

Student Projects for an NSF Grant “Enabling Technologies Laboratory Student Design Program”

Wen Chen

Learning Technical Writing: Creating an Opportunity for Engineering Undergraduates

Debbie Morrow

First Year Students’ Perceptions of Service Learning Community Based Project: Are We Achieving Our Goals?

Karinna Vernaza

12:00 – 1:30 pm


Room: UC Rotunda

Session 3

2:15 – 3:50 pm

Session Chair: Jeff Kastner


A Design Project Infusing Academic Service Learning

Jamal Bari

Modifications to a Freshman Engineering Foundations Course

Jeff Kastner, Gregory Bucks, Whitney Gaskins,

Nora Honken, Rodney Roseman and Joni Torsella

Communication Systems Toolkit – Work in Progress

Murat Tanyel

Energy Conversion & Sustainability Education Insights

Paul Weber, Joseph Moening, Zakaria Mahmud and

Sanjiv Sinha

Incorporating Educational and Research Components to Enhance Environmental Engineering Curriculum

Ramanitharan Kandiah

3:50 – 4:05 pm

Refreshments break

Session 4

4:05 – 5:40 pm

Session Chair: Nicholas Baine


Teaching Application of Power Electronics in Power System Analysis Course

M.M. Aziz Rahman

Laboratory Curriculum for Introducing ECE to Freshmen

Girma Tewolde and Jaerock Kwon

Challenges of Revamping the Freshman Experience

Nicholas Baine

An Introductory Engineering Course to Develop Competencies Among First Year Engineering and Technology Students

Quamrul Mazumder, Raghava Mahankali and

Kristen Rusinek



Student Papers


Room: UC 123 - Mackinaw

Room: UC 125 - Lakeshore

Session 1

8:30 – 10:10 am


Session Chair: Ramanitharan Kandiah


Design and Development of a Tugger Cart for Android Corporation

Quamrul Mazumder, Dan Larson, Zachary

Stevenson and Sandeep Solanki

A CFD Study of Wind Tunnel Wall Interference

Wael Mokhtar and Md Hasan


Farshid Zabihian, Robert Gresham, Levi Thornton and Brendon Rankou


Green Engineering in Beam Production Using Honeycomb Structures

     Roumany Phan and Katherine Acton

Session Chair: Tolga Kaya


A CFD Analysis of a Race Car Front Wing in Ground Effect

Wael Mokhtar and Simon Durrer

Design and Characterization of a Micro-scale Calorimetric Flow Rate Sensor for Sweat Hydration Detection

Che Ting Ho, Ahmed Tashfin Iftekhar and Tolga Kaya

Underwater Salvage Robot: An Undergraduate Research Experience

Erin Fogle, Lucas Karr, William Huddleston, Kyle

Zimmerman, Daniel Sowa and Corbin Kruczek

Distributed Localization

Landon Brown, Benjamin Kerber, Keith Paul and

Forrest Reed


10:10 – 10:25 am

Refreshments break

Session 2

10:25 am – 12:00 pm

Session Chair: Mehmet Sozen


Design and Development of a Transmission System

Qumrul Mazumder, Yang Zhou, Liwei Zhaw and

Kenneth O'Brien

Hydrocyclone Separation for the Remediation of Contaminated Sediment

Joshua Wilson and Thomas Mahank

Exploring conflict-based collaborative learning in engineering courses

Swaroop Joshi and Neelam Soundarajan

Optimal Angle of Inclination for Fixed Solar Panels

Kathryn Christopher and Mehmet Sozen


Session Chair: Ravi Bhatta


Tidal Energy Potentials in the United States

Farshid Zabihian, Aaron Paynter and John Hunter

Experimental and Numerical Validation of DIN standard for polygonal shafts

Ravi Bhatta and Wendy Reffeor

Semi Autonomous Inspection Robot

Erik Leaske, Josh Wakefield, Yufei Fan and Quamrul Mazumder


Preliminary Feasibility Study of a Bubble Column CO2 Capture Unit Utilizing Microalgae

Farshid Zabihian, Jon Ball, Joel Kouakou, Brendon

Rankou and Jerod Taylor

12:00 – 1:30 pm


Room: UC Rotunda

Session 3

2:15 – 3:50 pm

Session Chair: Yogendra Panta



Farshid Zabihian, Robert Gresham and Levi


Design and Development of a Gear Test Fixture for Nexteer

Quamrul Mazumder, James Pung and Brendon



Farshid Zabihian, Tavon Johnson and Brett Floyd

Design and Development of a Human Powered Vehicle (HPV)

Quamrul Mazumder, Terence Staples, Aleah

Pavlicek, Xingyu Chen and Brandon Walker

Session Chair: Dan Budny


Low-Cost Ultrasonic Obstacle-Avoidance System using FPGA

Mike Trent, Kevin Laubhan, Ahmed Abdelgawad and

Kumar Yelamarthi

Kicking, Snapping, and Throwing the Ball in Intercollegiate Robotic Football Robotic Football

Jeremy Wilson, Addison Hocter, Brian Recker and Eric


Sumo Robot Competition

Tyler Germann and Bryan Wilson

Great Lakes Shoreline Algae Harvesting and Separation System

Matthew Kline, Ryan Schulz and Thomas Mahank

3:50 – 4:05 pm

Refreshments break

Session 4

4:05 – 5:40 pm

Session Chair: Jeff Kastner


Vertical Axis Wind Turbine at WVU Tech

Farshid Zabihian, Tavon Johnson and Alex Perry

Design and Development of a Portable Water Filtration System

Quamrul Mazumder, Johnathon Gagnon and Nathan


A Novel Design of a McCulloch-Pitts Neuron in CMOS VLSI

Shane Oberloier and Rajani Muraleedharan


Farshid Zabihian, Yazid Amrani, Matheus Montarroyos, Raul Martin Martin and Gaetan

Gilbrice Tchewa

Session Chair: Tolga Kaya


Experimental Analysis of a Wood Gasifier Based Engine

Farshid Zabihian, Corey Hall and Brett Floyd

Evaluation of Hydrophilic Properties of Polydimethylsiloxane for Possible Microfluidic Sweat Sensor Applications

Thomas White and Tolga Kaya

Aerodynamic Drag Reduction Study on Semi-Trucks

Wael Mokhtar and Yash Potdar




Poster Presentations

Time: 1:30 – 2:15 pm (Saturday, March 19, 2016)

Room: UC Rotunda



·         Easel and foam core board will be provided

·         Can setup anytime from 8:30 am

·         Maximum Size allowed for poster – 4ft x 3 ft



Poster Title

David Reeping

To Pass or Not to Pass: A Vehicle-to-Vehicle Project (V2V) to Inform Drivers of Safe Passing Maneuvers

David Che and Terry Pahls

The Development of a Truly Hands-on Strength of Materials Lab Using Torque Wrenches for Breaking Metal Fasteners

Quamrul Mazumder

A Study Abroad Course in Globalization of Technology

Collin Murphy, Mason Stevens and Ernur Karadogan

An Experimental Comparison of Object Tracking Data using Microsoft KinectTM and Pixy CMUCam5

Mohamed Essawy, Samer Yaldo and Nassif Rayess

Design of a Sellf-Contained Active Split Offset Castor Wheel Pod for Use in Omnidirectional Robotic Vehicles

Kevin Laubhan, Sarah Riehl, Khaled Talaat and Kumar Yelamarthi

Dynamic Multi-Sensor Fusion through a Low-Power IoT Transducer Network

Justin Wernette, Alex Myers, Nate Schrauben, Tiancheng Yang and Ahmed Abdelgawad

Structure Damage Localization by a Reliable Guided Waves Damage Detection Technique

Allison Lynch, Daniel Abruzzi, Sheng Cai, Michael Lake, Chase Zellner and Kumar Yelamarthi

Semi-Autonomous Mobile Informational Tour Robot

Zachary Martin, Keita Mimura, Jun Yamamoto and Alexandra Coman

Infinity – Procedural Content Generation for Computer Games: A Capstone Project

James Crawford, Dan Herting, Chris Hauenstein and Andy Woodruff

ONU HPVC Steering System

Che Ting Ho, Christopher Gargarello, Lucas Sepanak, John Abraham, Takahiro Turmo and Tolga Kaya

Sweat Analysis to Determine Dehydration

Kyle Eggenberger, Huntington Recker, Justin Turner, Fan Lu and Frank Cheng

Automated Sun Tracking Platform

Jeff Campbell, Max Razinger and Meghan Letizia

A Smart Shopping System

Nathan Butt, Eli Dean, Anne Dreher, Westley Gomez and Louis Diberardino

Low Cost Impact Testing Device

Andrea Henry, Pablo Parraga, Brian Demeere, Abdullah Alyousif, Nathaniel Everest, Jeremy Witgen and Darrell Bailey

12" by 27" Low Watt Hot Food Well Drop In

Danielle Nevorski, Thomas White, Tyler Demski, Kyle McDonnell, Zhaoxuan Wang, Yousef Fallatah and Jinxiang Xi

Olfactory Drug Delivery

Jessica Graves, James Springstead, Betsy Aller and Andrew Kline

Purification of PEIPC, an important oxidized phospholipid in the development of cardiovascular disease

David Huckins, Nathan Olin, Kenny Cordry, Brian Crombez, Claire Yarmak, Tianshu Wen and Pablo Parraga-Ramirez

Nexteer Automotive-Load Road Simulator

Katie Gaviglio, Shaun Shields, Andro Mondala and Andrew Kline

Extraction of mineral-bound phosphates from runoff sediments using fungal exudates for nutrient recycling

Jacob Gorton

Providing Developing Countries with Medical Sterilizer Boilers

Lucas Leffel, Brooks Hay, Damian Winner, Hamed Attariani and Rachmadian Wulandana

Computational Modeling for Fault Diagnosis of Centrifugal Pump Using Coupled Finite Element – System Identification

Benjamin Boyd, Shawn Beyke, Rachmadian Wulandana and Hamed Attariani

Design and Experimentation of 3D-printed Tesla Turbine

Andrew Holland and Anthony Morelli

Gesture Based Authentication

Ryan Reed, Thomas Brudny, Colin Thomson and Yawen Li

A Better Braided Suture

Jake Mckinnie

Computer interaction for people with motor impairments

Kyle Murray, James Springstead, Andrew Kline and Betsy Aller

Prevention of atherosclerosis by blocking lipid binding to cysteines in human aortic endothelial cells in vitro

Tyler Demski, Yousef Fallatah, Kyle Mcdonnell and Jinxiang Xi

Nose-to-Brain Drug Delivery using Electric Guidance

Austin Kane, Nick Polega, Benjamin Strandskov and Kumar Yelamarthi

A Portable Interactive Embedded System to Determine Student Status at the University

Zhaoxuan Wang and Jinxiang Xi

Numerical Simulation of Snoring in a Human Upper Airway with Dynamic Glottis

Kyle D'Andrea, Ben Dudley, Fred Draska, Alyssa Soltis, Mohamed Talaat and Mike Trent

Senior Design Chippewa Racing Formula SAE

Taylor Ripke and Tony Morelli

Exergames: Developing Sensory Substitution Utilizing Enhanced Auditory and Vibrotactile Cues

Myriah Kahlmorgan, James Springstead, Andrew Kline and Betsy Aller

Oxidized Phospholipids Binding to Human Aortic Endothelial Cells

Kellen Reason

Software Controlled Lighting: Auditory-to-Visual Sensory Substitution

Daniel Meeks and Cody Meyer

Automated Vertical Bike Rack System

Jun Lu, Jinxiang Xi and Joseph Langenderfer

Uncertainty Analysis of Physical Properties of Pharmaceuticals on Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Gary Chouinard, Candace MacDonald, Andrew Jorde, Mike Brewer and Adam Mock

Electric Grid Cascading Outage Analysis

Yu Zhang and Jinxiang Xi

Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Dynamic Glottis on Particle Deposition in Human Upper Respiratory Airway

Khaled Talaat and Jinxiang Xi

Numerical Simulation of Particle Transport and Simulation in a Rhythmically Expanding Sac: Toward Deciphering the Inhaled Particle Journey in the Deep Lung

Sheng Cai

Controlled Delivery of Neurological Medicine to the Olfactory Region using Magnetophoretic Guidance in Intranasal Ferro-fluids

Danielle Nevorski, Shannon Peters, Andrea Henry and Jinxiang Xi

Experimental Study on Pulsating Aerosols for Drug Delivery to the Maxillary Sinus for the Treatment of Rhinosinusitis

Tiancheng Yang and Jinxiang Xi

Sensitivity Analysis of Geometric Factors in Human Airway on Particle Deposition: Developing a Generic Mouth-Throat Model for Drug Delivery Testing

Mohammad Shams Arman Rupok, Professor Subramaniam Ganesan and H. Patnaik

Real time tracking of tennis ball and analysis

Li Dang, Nishanth Sriramoju, Phanindra Amaradi, Girma Tewolde and Jaerock Kwon

Enhanced Lane and Obstacle Detection Technique for Intelligent Vehicles

Emad Tanbour, Khazam Alotaibi, Scott Shalffer, Ervin Hinkley and Aaron Kaczzorwski

Improving Thermal Performance of Thermoforming Machines

Emad Tanbour, Oumar Barry and Derek Donovan

Baja Capstone Project

Oumar Barry, Emad Tanbour and Alexander Calvi

SAE Formula 1 Capstone Project

Emad Tanbour and Nathan Piechorowski

Design of a Welding Jig for Robotic Welding

Emad Tanbour and Zachary Goodman

Parametric Design of a Triplex Plunger Pump

Emad Tanbour and Cameron Lacourt

Design of a Toggle Clamping System for Vacuum Forming

Anne Dreher, Nathan Butt, Eli Dean, Westley Gomez and Louis Diberardino

Low Cost Impact Testing Device - Extended Abstract

Yazid Amrani, Matheus Montarroyos and Gaetan Tchewa

Enhancement of Internal Combustion Engines Performance Using Solar HHO-System: Preliminary Conceptual Results