2013 ASEE NCS Conference Proceedings

Full Papers - Faculty

Creating Value in Engineering Education Through a Master's Level Graduate Seminar Course
Murali Krishnamurthi

Why Did Students Select a New Engineering Education Degree Program? Round Two
Kenneth J. Reid, Meghan Letizia, David Reeping, Tyler Hertenstein, Graham Fennell

Teaching Analog and Digital communication concepts in one course
Firas Hassan

Pipe Network Analysis: An Exercise in Computer-Aided Analysis
David Sawyers

Experiential Education and Broad Value Creation is Enabled by the Disabled
Darrell Kleinke

Incorporating Highway Capacity Software in Undergraduate Teaching of Transportation Courses
Mohammad Ali Khasawneh, Mohammad Obadat

The Large Lecture Conundrum: A case study in leveraging instructional resources to increase student learning
Harry A Pierson

Teaching Behavior or Teaching Theory in Design Courses
Ahmed Abdel-Mohti

Designing and Teaching an Intensively Hands-On Class in a Large Public University
Lisa Marie Abrams, Blaine W. Lilly, Krishnaswamy Srinivasan, Daniel A. Mendelsohn

Virtual Learning Centers to Enhance Student Learning and Performance in Civil Engineering Undergraduate Education
Martin R. Kane, Miguel Pando, Rajaram Janardhanam

Continuing the Comparison Between Graphical- and Text-based Programming Instruction
Kathleen A Harper, Richard J. Freuler, John T. Demel, Stuart H. Brand

Teaching Engineers Cross-Cultural Skills
Erik Bardy, Jeremy DalleTezzee, Frank Insignares, Debra Reuber, Mark Reuber

Educating Freshman Engineering Parents, Improving Freshman Engineering Retention
Dan Budny, Cheryl A. Paul, Beth Newborg

Reframing the First Year Engineering Laboratory
Brooke Morin

An Effective Academic Construct for International Humanitarian Projects in Engineering Education
Howard L. Greene

Flipping Lectures in a Junior-level Course in Digital Design Using VHDL
Darrin M Hanna

Utilization of an interdisciplinary student design team to develop a modern grain entrapment simulator
S. Dee Jepsen, Andrew J. Mann

Multidisciplinary Projects to Enhance Undergraduate Student's Research Opportunities at a Liberal Arts Institution
Sandra Soto-Caban, Emre Selvi, Eric Law

Assessing the Introduction to Engineering into the K-12 classroom: The Use of Online Modules in a Teacher Workshop
Debra Gallagher, Kenneth J. Reid, Elizabeth Spingola

Using SMERT to Identify Actionable Topics in Student Feedback
Theodore Tetreault Allen, Sara Vinson, Alah Raqab, Yosef Allam

Optimal Traditional Versus Online Instructional Method Selection
Anthony Afful-Dadzie, Theodore Tetreault Allen

Best Practices in Rubric Creation and Use for Classroom and Accreditation
Amanda Gustafson, Robert Gustafson

Student portfolios for assessing ABET a-k outcomes
Ann D. Christy

Uniform Standard for Teaching Foundational Principles in Statics and Dynamics, Momentum Perspective
Chris Kobus

An Old Friend in New Clothes: Smith Charts in LabVIEW
Travis Dombach, Jeffrey Meyers, Murat Tanyel

An outcome driven on-line graduate course: Real Time Systems course
Subramaniam Ganesan

Relevancy through Service Learning: Redesigned First-Year Seminar
Karinna Melissa Vernaza

PLC Safety
William T. Evans

Teaching Programming Fundamentals Using Hands-on Experiential Learning Techniques
Todd Hamrick

Infrastructure for continuous assessment of retained relevant knowledge
Travis Doom

Impact of summer bridge programs on STEM retention at The Ohio State University
David L Tomasko, Judy S Ridgway, Susan V Olesik, Rocquel J Waller, Minnie M McGee, Lisa A Barclay, Kathleen T Harkin, Jan Upton

Social Innovation and Commercialization
Peter Rogers

Full Papers - Student

Engineering Student Satisfaction in Private and Public Universities in Bangladesh
Samia H Mazumder

Electronic Monitoring System for All-Terrain Vehicles
Waylin Jesse Wing

Undergraduate Experimental Research in Optics and Photonics
Waylin Jesse Wing

Application of Laser Diagnostics to a Green Manufacturing Project
James Martlew, William DeKam, Claudia M Fajardo

A Proposed Wind Turbine Testbed for Inculsion in Power Systems Engineering Education
Sudeshna Khan, Constantin Apostoaia

Autonomous Utility Mower
Bryan Burkholder, Elizabeth Gall

The Marshmallow Metaphor-Iterative Design Tailored to 6th Graders
David Reeping, Kenneth J. Reid

Kinematic Modeling and Analysis of a Cam Based CVT for a Capstone Design Project Experience
Gregory Fitzpatrick Hickman, Yin-Ping Chang

Applications of Electromagnetic Fields and PDMS-Based Microfluidic Structures for the Entrapment and Rotation of Cells
Thomas White, Qin Hu, Tolga Kaya

When is a Motor More Than an Electromechanical Device: Teaching K-12 STEM Subjects through Hands-on Experiments
Todd Addison Perkins, Chris J Kobus

Robotic Tour Guide Assistant
Tyler Gutridge, Gabe Kruse, Amy Elmer

Using AspenPlus Resources to Estimate Thermodynamic Properties in the Modeling of Biodiesel Production for a Senior Capstone Design Project
Casey Frank Kick, Andrew A Kline

Physical Activity Classification using Accelerometers
Tolga Kaya, Jeffry Pulcifer - Stump, Patrick Seeling

Developing The Creativity Of School Students Interested In Engineering
Ziad Ali Obeidat, Mohammad Obeidat

Future's Sustainable Temperature and Energy Project (S.T.E.P.)
Boyu Dang, Christopher Libera, Justin Scaparo, Robert Balma, Tolga Kaya

Development of a Remote Physiological Index Monitoring System
Boyu Dang, Jeffry Pulcifer-Stump, Tolga Kaya

Learning to Build and Building to Learn: The Baja Experience
Gregory Alan Maxwell, Oscar Munoz, Nicole Marie St.Louis, Betsy Aller, Andrew Kline

Using Staged Control Charts for Educational Assessment
Chen Xie, Theodore Allen, Alah Raqab

Autonomous Golf Cart
Tyler Scott Latham, Drew Gaynor, Ian Anderson, Cameron Johnson

Development of a Capacitive Humidity Sensor for Physiological Activity Monitoring Applications
Steven Shapardanis

Semi-Professional Music Education's Long Term Effects and Cerebral Adaptations among STEM Students
Melis Oner

Examining Student Success: The Transition from H.S. to College of Underrepresented First-Year Engineering Students
Leroy Long

How Engagement with Faculty and Peers Affects Value Creation in Undergraduate Engineering Education: A National Survey Analysis
Leroy Long, Terrell Strayhorn

First-Year Engineering Program: Student Instructional Leadership Team - Expanded and Restructured
Leroy Long, Alison Snyder, Russell Stech, Benjamin Jelen, Cody Allison, John Merrill

Successful Collaboration between Engineering and Mathematics Education
Jennifer Czocher, Jenna Tague, Amanda Roble, Greg Baker

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Hygroscopic Behavior of a Polymer Material
Wael Mokhtar, John Witte

Experimental Determination of Bicycle Tire Stiffness
Peter Windes, Mark Archibald

Sophomore Machine Shop Experience Constructing A Spring-Powered Car
Joshua Stukey, Mark Archibald

Extended Abstracts - Faculty

A Cocktail of Objectivism and Constructivism are Flipped and Blended into an Effective Lab Course
Kimberly Clavin

There's an App (Camp) for That: Attracting Female High Schoolers to Computing
Janet E. Burge, Gerald C. Gannod, Maureen Doyle, Karen Collins Davis

International Students Facing the Speak Test
Craig James Gunn

Developing a Consciousness for the International Student both Undergraduate and Graduate
Craig James Gunn

Encouraging Female High-School Students Towards a Career in Electrical Engineering via In-Lab Participatory Learning: An Audio Electronics based Hands-On Example
Arjuna Madanayake, Chamith Wijenayake, Dezarae Holman, Heidi Cressman, Uma Potluri, Soumya Kondapalli, Amila Edirisuriya

Engineering Innovation: First-Year Student Reflections Convey Impact of Externally Sponsored Assistive Device Design Projects
Kimberly Edginton Bigelow

Correlating ACT and Math Placement Test Scores to Performance in First Year Engineering and Math Courses
Jeff Kastner, Joni Torsella, Gregory Bucks, Kathleen Ossman, Rodney Rossman, F. James Boerio

Partnering of University and Industry; a Win-Win Situation
Mousa Tabatabaei Gargari

Use of Automotive Related Examples in Teaching Undergraduate Engineering Curriculum
David Che

Experiential and Problem-based Learning within Opportunities for Real-world Engineering Settings
Murali Sundaram, Sam Huang, Sam Anand, Manish Kumar, Imelda CastaƱeda-Emenaker, Latiera Brunson Evans, Yi Zhang

Adding Context to First-Year Engineering Design Experience through Sustainability
oghogho Ovbieko, Nassif Rayess, Utpal Dutta

Slobodan Urdarevik

The Missing Link: Providing an Integrated First-Year Engineering Experience
Gregory Bucks, Kathleen Ossman, Jeffrey Kastner, Joni Torsella, Rodney Roseman, F. James Boerio

Extended Abstracts - Student

Bioprocessing Fermentors Assembly
Joseph M Vermeersch

A Case Study of Graduate Teaching Assistants' Views on Relatedness in a First-Year Engineering Program
Rachel Kajfez, Holly Matusovich

Developing and Implementing a Wind Turbine Based Laboratory Design Experiment for First Year Engineering Students
Adithya Jayakumar, Monica Okon

Creating Interactive Video Game Simulations of Engineering Labs
Tyler William Bayne

Building Professional Skills in Mechanical Engineering: Aluminum Battery Cable Development for Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Brandon Hart, Virgil C. Solomon

Building Professional Skills in Mechanical and Materials Engineering: Mechanical and Physical Characterization of Nano Carbon Doped Copper Composite
Jacob Cvetich, Virgil C. Solomon

Posters - Faculty

Value Creation in Engineering Education through Goal Directed Course Design
JosAnn W Duane, Ye Liu, Laurie Maynell

Using Student Satisfaction Index as Quality Determinant
Quamrul Mazumder, Connie Lam, Kawshik Ahmed, Mei Liu

Quality Approaches In Higher Education
Theodore Tetreault Allen

Posters - Student

Pyrolysis of Switch grass for Bio-Oil Production
Pastor Hurtado

Teaching Critical, Creative, and Practical Thinking with MATLAB Symbolic Math
Jin Gao, Sagar Dave, Ryan Patton, JosAnn W Duane

The Role of MATLAB Fundamentals, Debugging, and The Variable Editor in Teaching Engineering Problem Solving
Kun Gao, Jason Conklin, David Siegal, John Slone, JosAnn W Duane

Teaching Iterative, Incremental Problem Solving Methods Using MATLAB GUIDE
Ryan Patton, JosAnn W Duane

MATLAB Interactive Programming Basics Applied to Wind Farm Design and Analysis
John Slone, David Siegal, JosAnn W Duane

SCALE-UP Learning Applied to a Computer Science Sequence
Kathleen Timmerman

Design of an Automatic Gear Change System of Bike
Yi Liu, Zhemin Fu, Emre Selvi, Richard Taylor

Rapid Prototyping Machine
Brian Parkham

Monitoring Presque Isle Bay: Design and Construction of a Sediment Collection Device
Sheldon Thomas Addis, Steve Cox, Erika Schmidt

The Design-Build Term Project Illustrating MATLAB Application to Wind Farm Design and Analysis
Benjamin Wagner, Daniel Berry, Anatoliy Kryvenko, Robert Samaniego, JosAnn W Duane

Designing and Developing of the Line tracking Robot
Raymond Quaye, jisoo Lee, Yixuan Chi

Teaching Array Processing by Programming Interactive Board Games
Ye Liu, Sagar Dave, Karthik Hari, JosAnn W Duane

Oghogho Ovbieko, Utpal Dutta, Nassif Rayess

ASEE North Central Section Conference 2013
Ohio State University | Columbus | Ohio