American Society of Engineering Education - North Central Section Spring Conference 2019

Friday, 22 March 2019
(Field House)

VIP Tours of the First Robotics Competition. See the conference website for directions and details.

(Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 124)The Necessity of Stimulating An Emotional Response In Logical Engineering LecturesChris Kobus, Oakland University
Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 124Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 350
A Hands-On Workshop In The New Missing Basics of Engineering EducationDavid E. Goldberg, ThreeJoy Associates & UIUC Lightweighting Technologies For Automotive ApplicationsRaghu Echempati, Kettering University
(Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 330)Session Chair: Mostafa Elsaadany, Ohio State UniversityBringing Computational Science To Collegiate EducationMitchell Eithun, Michigan State UniversityCaretakvr: A Virtual Reality Environment To Train Alzheimer'S CaregiversErik M. Fredericks, Oakland University; Nicholas A. Kerns, Oakland UniversityModification of An Introduction To Electronics Course To A Project Oriented ApproachGreg Harstine, University of Akron; Andy Milks, University of Akron; Beth Craddock, University of Akron; Sam Mastromatteo, University of Akron; Josh Boley, University of Akron
(Eberhard Center Room 101)

Refreshments and hors d'oeuvres will be served.

(Keller Engineering Laboratory Room 204)
Saturday, 23 March 2019
(Kennedy Hall of Engineering Lobby)

Hot breakfast will be served. Presenters and session chairs are expected to attend for a speakers briefing at 8am.

Innovative Teaching MethodsSenior Capstone ProjectGraduate Research (Student Papers)Professional Skills Development
Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 124Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 350Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 330Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 324
Session Chair: Karinna Vernaza, Gannon UniversityHeat Transfer Projects Including Social Justice IssuesShirley Fleischmann, GVSULeveling The Playfield: Development of Multimedia Resources For Hands-On LearningColin Jack, Grand Valley State University; Eric VanDyke, Grand Valley State University; Mohammad Adom Safiullah, Grand Valley State University; Shabbir Choudhuri, Grand Valley State UniversityA New Assessment Model In Mechanics of MaterialsRonald Averill, Michigan State University; Sara Roccabianca, Michigan State University; Geoffrey Recktenwald, Michigan State UniversityUtilizing The Full Range of Matlab Capabilities In The ClassroomJames Toney, The Ohio State University; Adithya Jayakumar, The Ohio State UniversityCustom Microcontroller Peripheral Platform Design and Build: A Unique Hands-On Experience For An Undergraduate StudentRyan Aldridge, GVSU; Recodeo Rekod, GVSU; Chirag Parikh, GVSU Session Chair: Dan Budny, University of PittsburghIot Security: SecurepackCollin Kemner, Security of Things (SoT); Travis Ellerbrock, Security of Things (SoT)Increasing Mechanical Engineering Technology Students’ Competency, Interest, and Motivation In Manufacturing Through A Repetitive Process-Based ApproachCale Polkinghorne, Northern Michigan University; Michael Martin, Northern Michigan UniversityAutomated Animal Tracking Using Phase InterferometryNicholas Borchardt, Grand Valley State University; Robert Hoffman, Grand Valley State University; Adam Morris, Grand Valley State University; Jesse Rotman, Grand Valley State Univeristy; Jordan O’Hearn, Grand Valley State University; Karl Brakora, Grand Valley State UniversityAssessment of A Multi-Goal Mechanical Engineering Design/fabrication Project Used As A Mission-Critical Exercise.Russell L. Rhoton, Baker College of Jackson Session Chair: David Sawyers, Ohio Northern UniversityCfd Model Development of Aortic Blood FlowWael Mokhtar, GVSU; Clayton Spore, GVSU; Bhagawan Upreti, GVSU; Spencer Boer, GVSUCfd Study of Aerodynamic Flow Around A Generic Sports Utility Vehicle (suv)Wael Mokhtar, GVSU; Samira Jahan, GVSUDesign For Doe: Development of A Cnc Platform To Evaluate Effect of Operator’s Skill In Gas Metal Arc Welding (gmaw)Beniam Tewolde, Grand Valley State University; Shabbir Choudhuri, Grand Valley State UniversityAn Autonomous Parking Lot Administration With A Variety of Parking PermitsVijaya Lakshmi Jyothi Yemineni, Grand Valley State University; Syeda Tahsina Tanjil, Grand Valley State University; Ratan Chandra Ghosh, Grand Valley State University; Shabbir Choudhuri, Grand Valley State University Session Chair: Heidi Jiao, Grand Valley State UniversityLessons Learned From Efforts To Develop Mentoring Programs For Early-Career Stem Faculty After An Nsf Advance Paid GrantJulie Walters, Oakland University; Leanne DeVreugd, Oakland University; Laila Guessous, Oakland UniversityThe Compleat Architect: Being A Primer On The Art of System ModelingMichael Vinarcik, University of Detroit MercyA Learning and Serving Community Helps Female Students Succeed In EngineeringVicky Fang, Cedarville University; Robert Chasnov, Cedarville University
Innovative Teaching MethodsUndergraduate Research (Student Papers)Graduate Research (Student Papers)Other
Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 124Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 350Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 330Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 324
Session Chair: Alan Hoback, University of Detroit MercyUsing Pre- and Post- Test To Assess Learning Outcomes and Guide Course ImprovementAmanda Oliveira, University of Dayton; Kellie Schneider, University of DaytonFinding The Balance: A Technical Writing Assignment During A Co-Op Work ExperienceLindsay Corneal, GVSU School of Engineering; Debbie Morrow, GVSU University LibrariesDevelopment of Integrated Technical Communication In A Mechanics of Materials Laboratory CourseJames Lynch, University of Detroit Mercy; Celeste Flores, University of Detroit Mercy; Mary McCall, University of Detroit Mercy Session Chair: Chirag Parikh, Grand Valley State UniversityIot Based Security System: Pre-College Research ProgramSalma Abdelgawad, Mt Pleasant High School; Sarthik Balaji Kuruvadi, Central Michigan University; Kumar Yelamarthi, Central Michigan UniversityDesign and Build of A Dipole Antenna For Emc TestingAlexander Pearson, Grand Valley State University; Bogdan Adamczyk, Grand Valley State UniversityAvoiding The Syntax: An Accessible Approach For Introducing First-Year Engineering Students To MicrocontrollersWilliam Sierzputowski, Ohio Northern University; Karli Katterle, Ohio Northern University; Tylar Dazey, Ohio Northern University; Josephine Palmer, Ohio Northern University Session Chair: James Toney, The Ohio State UniversityAnalysis and Design Optimization of Seat Rail Structures In Various Operating ConditionsSanthosh Sivan Kathiresan, Kettering University; Raghu Echempati, Kettering UniversityEmbedded Processors On Fpga: Soft Vs HardCHIRAG PARIKH, GVSU; VIVEK KANHIROTH, Amigo Mobility International Inc.Smith Chart Use In Rf Design and Emc TestingDimitri Haring, Grand Valley State University; Bogdan Adamczyk, Grand Valley State University Session Chair: Raghu Echempati, Kettering UniversityThe Disassembly & Re-Purposing of Unwanted Consumer Electronics: Low-Cost Materials For Stem OutreachLaura Andre, University of Michigan; Timothy Jones, The Ann Arbor Section of the Optical Society of AmericaFate and Transport of A Tce Groundwater Contamination PlumeAlexa Rihana-Abdallah, University of Detroit Mercy; Yuncong Pang, University of Detroit MercyLessons Learned From Being A Ta In A Fluid Mechanics CourseBashear El-Hajj, University of Pittsburgh; Dan Budny, University of Pittsburgh
(Eberhard 2nd Floor Lobby)Office Network Message Board: A Project For Diy Hobbyist and Office PersonnelGeorgia Snelling, Ohio Northern University; Paul Kollat, Ohio Northern University; Jonathan Raney, Ohio Northern UniversityEvaluating The Performance of A Naca 4414 Slotted Airfoil: An Experimental and Numerical InvestigationJacob Chapman, Grand Valley State University; Sanjivan Manoharan, Grand Valley State UniversityVhf Transmitter Development For Wildlife TrackingBryan Westra, Grand Valley State University; Jeffrey Ward, Grand Valley State UniversityThermal Regulating Prosthetic SleeveRachel Grubbs, Biomedical Engineering Department Gannon University; Matthew Yough, Biomedical Engineering Department Gannon University; Olivia Rose, Biomedical Engineering Department Gannon University; Teresa Sicree, Electrical Engineering Department Gannon University; Anthony Lee, Mechanical Engineering Department Gannon University; Dr. Saeed Tiari, Biomedical Engineering Department Gannon UniversityDesign Experiences of Automated Feeder For Soda Can CrusherNathan Green, Ohio Northern University; Bryce Payne, Ohio Northern University; Henry Kunnkler, Ohio Northern University; Kevin Austin, Ohio Northern University; Vishal Mehta, Ohio Northern UniversityDevelopment of An Inertia Dynamometer For A Continuously Variable TransmissionMatthew Kimmet, Ohio Northern University; Logan Glauner, Ohio Northern University; Nathaniel Payne, Ohio Northern University; Mitch Brewer, Ohio Northern UniversityBody PhantomColin Jack, Grand Valley State University; Alissa Smith, Grand Valley State University; Kerry Mohney, Grand Valley State University; Christopher Pung, Grand Valley State UniversitySuturing DeviceCody Teliczan, Grand Valley State University; Michael Mumaw, Grand Valley State University; Justin Phillips, Grand Valley State University; Christopher Pung, Grand Valley State UniversityFollow Me CoolerManish Ojha, Grand Valley State University; Christopher Pung, Grand Valley State UniversityInward Migration of Tea Leaves In Rotating Fluid FlowMasashi Nishiguchi, University of Mount Union; Shehla Arif, University of Mount UnionFlight Simulator ProjectNicholas Goberville, Western Michigan UniversityPerformance Characterization of A 200 W Laboratory Hall ThrusterSarah Sokolski, Western Michigan University; Matthew Baird, Western Michigan UniversityRenewable Energy Charging StationJoseph Rubaker, Gannon UniversityWheelchair Basketball Capstone ProjectJacob Russell, Ohio Northern University; Carly Waugh, Ohio Northern University; Cameron Jenkins, Ohio Northern University; Cody Clayton, Ohio Northern University; Nickolas Cordell, Ohio Northern UniversityFood GlucometerAndia Sims; James Briscoe; Lihong JiaoIrwin Seating Tray In The Way ProjectStacy Brennan, Grand Valley State University; Jon Campbell, Grand Valley State University; Jack MacKillop, Grand Valley State University; Christopher Pung, Grand Valley State University
(Eberhard Center Room 215)
Innovative Teaching MethodsIndustry CollaborationSenior Capstone ProjectOther
Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 124Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 350Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 330Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 324
Session Chair: Bruce Dunne, Grand Valley State UniversityCommunicating Microcontroller Communications To StudentsBrian Krug, Grand Valley State University; Nabeeh Kandalaft, Grand Valley State UniversityRevisiting Electrical Circuit LabsJeffrey Ward, Grand Valley State UniversityVibration Suppression Control of 3d Printed BeamsRyan Krauss, GVSUIntroduction To Coding and Gui Design In A Freshman Design CourseTimothy Johnson, Geneva College; Michael Parkinson, Geneva College; David Shaw, Geneva CollegeThe What, How and Why of Complex Sampling For Sdr TransceiversBruce Dunne, GVSU Session Chair: Anu Aggarwal, Grand Valley State University

This is an interactive session. Speakers will give a brief introduction, followed by an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and discuss topics of interest in a group setting. This session will be led by high-achieving students who will provide input on the following topics:

  • Recruiting and retaining engineering talent to build a strong employment pipeline

  • Development of an engineering co-op program

  • Best practices for structuring co-op rotations and improving the program and full-time conversion

  • Tips for instilling strongly aligned student and employer goals

  • Role of co-op experience in shaping your early career

Panel Members: Noe Villanueva, Jacob Colling, Jordan Vanderham, Jacob Stephens, Taylor Rieckhoff, Allison Rogutich, David Whitters, and Donald Lin

Panel Discussion: Leveraging Student Insight, Energy & Experience To Build A Strong Engineering Co-Op ProgramJacob Colling; Taylor Rieckhoff; Allison Rogutich; Jacob Stephens; Jordan Vanderham; Noe Villanueva; David Whitters; Nicholas Baine; Anu Aggarwal
Session Chair: Russell L. Rhoton, Baker College of JacksonEngineering Faculty’s Perceptions of Student Bias In Higher EducationKyra Twohy, University of Dayton; Matthew Kloser, University of Notre DameControl Design of An Office Mail Delivery Robot Based On The Festo Robotino PlatformNathir A. Rawashdeh, German Jordanian University; Hisham M. Alwanni, German Jordanian University; Nazeeh S. Sheikh Ali, German Jordanian University; Bader Al Afghani, German Jordanian UniversityHelping Deaf Or Hard of Hearing (dhh) Students Participate In Group Work SettingChristopher Doseck, Ohio Northern University; Alexander Lang, Ohio Northern University; Carl Senger, Ohio Northern University; Naeem Seliya, Ohio Northern University; Ziad Youssfi, Ohio Northern UniversityDesign of An Object Sorting System Using A Vision-Guided Robotic ArmZaid El Shair, University of Michigan Dearborn; Samir Rawashdeh , University of Michigan Dearborn Session Chair: Lindsay Corneal, Grand Valley State UniversityRevisiting The Value of Poetry Forums In Colleges of EngineeringCraig Gunn, Michigan State UniversityStrategies For Student IntegrityAlan Hoback, University of Detroit MercyTowards An Embedded Systems Curricula For The Next-Generation WorkforceDaniyah Alaswad, Oakland University; Daniel Llamocca, Oakland University; Byron Gillespie, Intel CorporationDevelopment and Implementation of Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks For Data Literacy EducationJody Clark; Will Falkner, Central Michigan University; Ron Ratkos, Mid Michigan College; Sarthik Balaji Kuruvadi, Central Michigan University; Daniel Bruce, Central Michigan University; William Zummo, Central Michigan University; Kumar Yelamarthi, Central Michigan University
Innovative Teaching MethodsSenior Capstone Project
Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 124Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 350Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 330Kennedy Hall of Engineering Room 324
Session Chair: Jeff Kastner, University of CincinnatiRelating Thermofluids To Life: Enhancing Student Engagement With Project-Based LearningShehla Arif, University of Mount UnionDevelopment of A Multidisciplinary Engineering Research Program For Middle/high School TeachersWen Li, Michigan State University; Drew Kim, Michigan State University; Lisa Van Order, Perry Middle SchoolThe Value of Lumped Parameter Analysis In Introductory Fluid Mechanics CoursesChris Kobus, Oakland University Session Chair: Craig Gunn, Michigan State UniversityChildren’s Center Playground Renovation: A Capstone Project To Benefit Our CommunityMelissa Badovinac, Western Michigan University; Jordan Strong, Western Michigan University; Arnett Turner, Western Michigan University; Ryan Winkler, Western Michigan University; Betsy Aller, Western Michigan UniversityPredictive Queue TimesCorey McLaughlin, Ohio Northern University; Jacob Hartman, Ohio Northern UniversityFall 2018 Capstone Design Teaching and Learning ExperiencesRaghu Echempati, Kettering UniversityUnderstanding Applied Nonlinear Elasticity Through ExamplesKatrina Karouac, Kettering University; Raghu Echempati, Kettering University Session Chair: Michael Vinarcik, University of Detroit MercyAn Algorithm Using Geometric Constraints For Detecting and Marking Roads For Autonomous Golf CarsLuodai Yang, Eastern Michigan University; Lijuan Zhang, Eastern Michigan University; Jonathon Lin, Eastern Michigan University; Qin Hu, Eastern Michigan UniversityInstrumentation For Energy Efficiency Study of A Hydraulic System ComponentPrajna Paramita, Western Michigan University; Awilma Lugo, Western Michigan University; Alamgir Choudhury, Western Michigan UniversityThe Effect of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles On The Surface Properties of Photovoltaic Solar PanelsOlek Berezecky, Grand Valley State University; Joseph Ruemenapp, Grand Valley State University; Michael Rivera, Grand Valley State University; Lihong (Heidi) Jiao, Grand Valley State UniversityGetting Ready For College: Experience of A Middle School Student Through A Engineering Experience ProgramArchita Saraiya, Sacred Heart Academy; Daniel Bruce, Central Michigan University; Sarthik Balaji Kuruvadi, Central Michigan University; Kumar Yelamarthi, Central Michigan University Session Chair: Aziz Rahman, Grand Valley State UniversityModeling and Optimization of Electronic Waste Collection SystemQuang Nguyen, Grand Valley State University; Huihui Qi, Grand Valley State UniversityEngineering Approach To Determine Indoor Air Quality At Different SchoolsANEESHA GOGINENI, SAGINAW VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY; Zackary Maszatics , SAGINAW VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITYIndustry-Academia Collaboration Supporting Emc EducationBogdan Adamczyk, Grand Valley State University; Jim Teune, E3 Compliance LLC; Scott Mee, E3 Compliance LLCDesign of Questionnaire For The Study of Consumers’ Awareness and Behavior Towards Electronic Waste (e-Waste) Collection and RecyclingQuang Nguyen, Grand Valley State University; Qi Huihui, Grand Valley State University
(Eberhard Center Room 215)


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